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General FAQ's

  • Q. Why are my textbooks so expensive?
  • A. On the average, 64.8% of the sticker price on new books go back to the publisher, mostly to cover development of the book and normal business expenses. The author gets about 11.6% in royalties. The freight company that shipped the book gets 1.2%. Which leaves the bookstore with not much left.
  • Q. Do I have to buy my books at the college bookstore?
  • A. No, unless your books are special editions.
  • Q. What are my options for payment?
  • A. Cash, check, debit card, or if your financial aid has been completed you can charge.
  • Q. What about buying used books?
  • A. This option is open if used books are available for the required edition.
  • Q. Do you rent books?
  • A. Yes, select books are available for rental
  • Q. What and when is buyback?
  • A. Buyback is held at the end of first semester in December and last semester (end of school year), the buyback times will also be listed on the Bookstore Web page.
  • Q. Can I return my textbooks?
  • A. Yes, at buyback time books can be returned for monies depending on our Nebraska warehouse buyback needs.
  • Q. How much will my books cost?
  • A. See above for the instructions for looking for your textbook information, you will also find estimate of cost.